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Read Me First

A WikiWiki, commonly abbreviated to Wiki, is a collaborative document creation tool. This Wiki is intended to facilitate the development of the INAP GARD Guide.

The Wiki pages are ordinary Web pages, but the pages are produced from textual data in a database. This allows us to keep track of edits, and even allows rolling back to a previous version, if necessary.

Paragraphs of text are added as plain text, then formatted as needed. You can always look at existing pages to see how formatting works, or follow links on the Help page to topics of interest.

Help is provided for every stage of creating the guide.

  1. The Wiki currently contains draft content waiting for comments.
  2. Help with common formatting and data entry problems is available from the Help page.
  3. Word documents can be submitted to to be imported into the Wiki.
  4. Email help is available from Conrad Muller at Golder Associates, Redmond, WA US
  5. Classes (by teleconference) are available. Contact Rens Verburg at Golder Associates, Redmond, WA US

The Wiki software converts your text and markup (formatting) into a Web page.

  1. First you must apply to Rens Verburg at Golder Associates, Redmond, WA US for an account so that you can edit.
  2. This Wiki uses special markup that is meant to be easy for non-programmers, and most of the "tags" used for formatting are on the Editing Tool Bar.
    1. On this Wiki we will use the simplified markup wherever possible, but some pages are standard HTML.
    2. Formatting works like MS Word. Select the text to be formatted, then click the appropriate toolbar button. Be sure to try out the Editing Tool Bar at the top of each edit page.
    3. Take a look at basic text formatting techniques.
  3. Experiment in the The Sand Box. This is a safe place to create new pages and try your editing and formatting.

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