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Getting started with the GARD Guide Wiki


  • Read Me First if you are not certain how to start.
  • How to manage your user account.
  • Recommended text formatting standards.
  • Understanding the Editing Tool Bar.
  • Use the discussion pages. Do not edit a page unless you have permission. To make suggestions, use the discussion page that accompanies each Guide page. Please use the discussion pages instead of email so that we can all see the conversation.
  • Editors can set any page to post a note on his/her My Watchlist page when edits are made. Using the Watchlist makes it easy to keep track of changes to multiple pages.


  1. Create a link to the desired page on an existing page.
  2. Click on your new link which will take you to your new blank page.
  • Formatting internal and external page links.
    • This link to the Sand Box looks like this in edit mode: [[SandBox|Sand box]] with double square brackets and a bar between the page name and the display text.
    • The syntax to an outside link is different. The link INAP Web site looks like this in edit mode: [ INAP Web site] with single square brackets and a space between the page URL and the display text.


  • Chemical Equations. For example: HC2H3O2(aq) ⇌ H+(aq) + C2H3O2-(aq)
  • Uploading images and using them in pages. Once an image is uploaded, it can be displayed by typing an image link containing the name of the image onto the page.
  • Creating and modifying tables.
  • Citations in text are surrounded by ref tags: <ref>Citation text </ref> which will display as [1]. Put <small><references/></small> at the bottom of the page to receive the references. See the bottom of this page. Both sets of tags are available on the Edit Toolbar. They are the two buttons on the far right.


  • To request updates to the main menu or to request assistance, email: (Rens Verburg at Golder Associates, Redmond, WA US)
  • Use the sand box pages to experiment with MediaWiki.

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Online References

For additional help, email: (Rens Verburg at Golder Associates, Redmond, WA US)

  1. Citation text

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