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Project Updates

Under the project leadership of Keith Ferguson and in collaboration with the Global Alliance Members and a (Phase I) Steering Committee, we are happy to announce that Phase I of the GARD Guide is now complete. This involved developing the Table of Contents, structure, and overall plan for the Guide. Phase II, creation of a Beta version, is now in progress. Prospective Lead Consultants presented proposals to INAP to form a collaborative team to compile the Beta version of the GARD Guide and INAP is pleased to announce that Golder Associates, Inc. has been selected. They started drafting the Guide chapters in July 2007.

The Beta version of the Guide is expected to be complete in June 2008. The final web version incorporating input from outside peer reviewers is due in June 2009.

INAP Members can gain access to GARD Guide meeting minutes, monthly progress reports, and more by logging into the Member's Area of the website. For non-members, if you have specific questions regarding the GARD Guide project, please contact the INAP Technical Manager ([1]).