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INAP has established an organization to coordinate production of the GARD Guide as shown in the chart below.

Guide Project Organization Chart

The Lead Consultant will work closely with the GARD Steering Committee, Project Champion, INAP Technical Manager and an Advisory Committee.

The Lead Consultant may recommend a technical writer and web author for this work. Peer reviewers and any additional technical contributors will be selected by the Project Champion, GARD Steering and Advisory Committees.

The Lead Consultant is to produce a "beta version" of the GARD Guide. The beta version will incorporate the state-of-the-art for ARD management based on the consultant’s and any sub-consultant’s broad knowledge of ARD and current best practice, current ARD management guides and key literature. It is anticipated that the beta version will represent about 80% of the final Guide. The beta version will include “place holders” for input from authors of other current best practice guides and compendia of ARD management. The Lead Consultant will identify these guides based on a list to be provided by INAP and the GA, input from the Advisory Committee and knowledge of the Lead Consultant. In that way the Guide will build on current literature and guides.