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The GARD Guide is an ambitious project requiring support from a broad group of experts representing various sectors with global coverage. Two Committees and a Secretariate have been established to support development of the Beta version of the GARD Guide. Current members are listed below:

Steering Committee:

Clive Bell - formerly ACMER/GA (Australia)
Charles Bucknam - Newmont/ADTI (USA)
Terry Chatwin - INAP Technical Manager/INAP (USA)
Keith Ferguson - Project Champion (Canada)
Adam Jarvis - University of Newcastle/PADRE/GA (UK)
Dave Salmon - AngloAmerican/INAP (SA)

Advisory Committee:

Rich Borden - Kennecott (USA)
Rodolfo Camacho - Freeport McMoRan (Chile)
Dave Chambers - Center for Science in Public Participation (USA)
Meiring du Plessis - Water Research Commission (SA)
Linda Figueroa - Colorado School of Mines/ADTI (USA)
Craig Ford - Inmet Mining (Canada)
Ross Gallinger - IAMGOLD/INAP (Canada)
Elizabeth Gardiner - Mining Association of Canada/MEND (Canada)
Zhenqi Hu - China University of Mining and Technology (China)
David Jones - Australia Department of Environment and Health (Australia)
Lars-Ake Lindahl - Swedish Mining Association (Sweden)
Glenn Miller - University of Nevada/Earthworks (USA)
Peter Moore - Export Development Canada (Canada)
Gavin Murray - ANZ Bank (Australia)
Stephen Parsons - Export-Import Bank of the United States (USA)
Bill Price - Natural Resources Canada/MEND (Canada)
Jos Schaekers - Consultant (SA)
Harvey Van Veldhuizen - World Bank - MIGA (USA)
Dirk van Zyl - University of Nevada (USA)
David Williams - US Bureau of Land Management/ADTI (USA)
Christian Wolkersdorfer - PADRE/IMWA/TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany)
Jae Yang - Kangwon National University (Korea)
Paul Younger - Newcastle University (UK)
Paul Ziemkiewicz - University of West Virginia/ADTI (USA)


Gilles Tremblay and Charlene Hogan - Natural Resources Canada/MEND (Canada)

INAP greatly appreciates the support of these individuals for the GARD Guide project.

INAP Staff:

INAP Technical Manager

The INAP Technical Manager supports the OpCom in co-ordinating and carrying out networking activities, identifying external research providers, facilitating the development of research scopes and budgets, managing individual research projects, and producing publication material. The INAP Technical Manager is:

Terrence Chatwin
2105 Oneida St, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 USA
Tel : +1 801 581 6348
Fax: +1 801 581 5440

INAP Home Office

International Network for Acid Prevention Limited
Level 33, 120 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000